The Most Northern British Columbia Seaport – Prince Rupert

In this episode, we explore the most northern seaport in British Columbia Canada, known as Prince Rupert.

The town is situated on Kaien Island (approximately 770 km (northwest of Vancouver), and is to linked mainland British Columbia by a short bridge.
Prince Rupert was incorporated on March 10, 1910. It was named for Prince Rupert of the Rhine, the first Governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company. Until recent years Prince Rupert thrived on the fishing and logging industry. Now it is the tourist trade and shipping of seagoing containers keeps this town alive.

We saw many campers, trailers, and motorcycles that braved the trip up the Canadian highways to check out Prince Rupert.

I walked up the hills to this church I could see from the harbor. This is the First Presbyterian Church. A day before we got to Prince Rupert this church held their final service. The first services in the gothic church was held more than 110 years earlier.

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