Petroglyph on the Beach

Day 35: Petroglyph on the Beach

Baby Oliver, Krista and Josh were up early, around 0700. So we are off to an early start this morning.

Date: 6/17/2018
Departure: Wrangell GPS: 56 28.1533 N 132 23.2821 W
Destination Saint John Bay Inlet GPS: 56 59.4027 N 132 58.0552 W
Hour meter: 1291(Wrangell)
Todays Distance: 21 mile
Total mile: 1140 miles

Baby Oliver, Krista and Josh were up early, around 0700. So we are off to an early start this morning.

This morning Josh and I looked at the chart and planned a rough schedule for the next week. Then we put Oliver down for a nap. Everyone headed up for a hot shower at the laundromat, in shifts while Oliver slept. Then we all had hash browns, eggs, and bacon mess for breakfast.

This morning the blue ski is all clouded over. Hope it will burn off today. Once Oliver was up we all headed up town for some sightseeing.

Our first stop was the at totem park. They had 3 different totem poles in the park. Next we walked up and looked at the oldest church in Alaska. Then we headed on to Petroglyph Beach.

Petroglyph beach was about a mile and ½ out of town. The tide was way out, since it was a minus tide and we timed our visit at low tide. The petroglyphs on the beach we really not all that far below the high tide line. We wondered around the rocks looking for petroglyphs. We found a number of different one.

Oliver was getting a little fussy so Josh, Krista and Oliver headed back to the boat. Heather and I continues beachcombing at Petroglyph Beach. I looked around and picked up different pieces of glass, and Heather collected rocks as well as glass. There was a lot of glass on the beach. From some others on the beach we found that this beach used to be were the town dumped their garbage. That made of lots of glass on the beach. I looked for the pieces that had been the most worn by the sand and rock. Those pieces were all frosted, and had no sharp edges.

Once all our beachcombing was done we headed back to the boat. Heather and I stopped by the Stikine Inn for a cup of coffee, then we went back to the boat. When we got to the boat Oliver was just being put down for a nap. We started up the motor to provide him some additional white noise to sleep by.

We pulled out of Wrangell around 1430. I had been here for almost 7 days and I was glad to be on the move again. Not only that, but I wanted to find out if I had fixed our staving diesel issue. We headed out to 10 fathom hump. The hump is a little seamount where the locals fish for halibut, which is about 10 miles out of Wrangell.

When we arrived at the hump it was about 2 hours before slack tide. We anchored on the hump. We tried to anchor in a spot were we would be right on the edge of the hump. We baited one line with some salmon, and the other we line we put on some herring. The current was running so hard we could not get our lines to the bottom. We sat in the cockpit while we waited for the current slowed down. Eventually another local boat came out and anchored just behind us.
We waited. Eventually we could see I lines where on the bottom. I decided to pull mine up to see if my herring was still on the line. They were. When Josh pulled his up he couldn’t get it up. We thought maybe he had caught a halibut. But eventually it stated to come up. Once it stated coming up Josh didn’t think he had anything on. Then the reel stopped working. We eventually got the line up and we found that he had only caught bottom. What a disappointment. Not only that but we now had a broken reel. We rigged up my hand line for Josh, so he could keep fishing. Guess when I get to Petersburg I will have to buy a new fishing reel. To bad I didn’t bring an extra one.

We fished the 10 fathom hump until just after slack tide and then headed on. No halibut today. Heather cooked cookies while we motored on. We also had dinner while we headed to our nights anchorage. Our destination was St. John Harbor.

Krista spotted a whale over next to the beach. I headed that way for a closer look. As we headed over there Josh determine we didn’t have time and we continued on the St. John Harbor.

When we got to the harbor there were two sailboats already at anchor (by the end of the evening there would be 4 sailboats and 2 fishing boats anchored here). Once anchored we put Oliver to bed. Josh and I headed out in the dinghy to try and catch a cod for the crab pot. We didn’t catch a cod by instead we caught the bottom, and lost our lure.

As we came back to the boat we found a bunch of creosote had gotten on the side of the boat. We found it came from the dinghy. Some how the dinghy had gotten creosote all over one side, and then it transferred that to the boat. Josh and I spent about an hour rubbing the creosote off the boat and the dinghy with stove alcohol. Got all the creosote off, but it left a stain. By now it was round 2030.

While I was finishing up cleaning the creosote, Josh thought he heard a whale. Sure enough there was a whale just on the side of a small island that was in the bay. Eventually the whale swam into our bay and surfaced what a thrill.

By now it was time for bed. We all climbed into our respective bunks. I read my book for a while until my eyes were heavy and then I turned off the light and fell asleep. Another day done on this adventure.

Petroglyph on the Beach

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