Nordic Sun Gets Some Solar Help

Hope to keep the batteries up a little at anchor this summer with the new solar panels. Added two 175 watt solar panels to our boat. Nordic Sun II now looks more like a space ship with solar panels as wings in the back of the ship. The panels are the monocrytalline type, and flip up and down. Also purchased a MPPT charge controller for it with a remote display. Now I can watch the solar amps going into my battery bank. Finally got it all hooked up yesterday. Saw as much as 9+ amps going into my batteries with a slight overcast sky. Seem to top off my batteries, provided I wasn’t using any power. Only time will tell if we can stay anchored for 2 or 3 days without starting the generator or motor to top off batteries. I know those laptops and camera battery chargers might use a little inverter power. Not to mention the vacuum cleaner.


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