Narrow Passage and Busy Anchorage

This adventure starts off in Bishops Bay British Columbia.

On the first leg, we leave Bishops bay and head south toward McKay Reach. It is rainy and windy. We then turn headed north toward Grenville channel. We eventually transited Hawkins Narrows and anchored in a little bay just past the narrows.

It rained a lot last night and filled the dinghy full of water.
Boats that have visited Bishops Bay Hot Springs hang a little something from the rafters to mark that they have visited this place. People leave a little something to tell others they have been here. I decide to leave a small bumper I don’t need to mark that Nordic Sun has been here.

After leaving Bishops bay we head toward Grenville Channel and the anchor is a little back inside of Hawkin Narrows. The next day we explore the bay before heading back through Hawkins Narrows and back into Grenville Channel.

We eventually arrive in Nettle Basin, by Verney Falls, and find the anchorage full for boats. Yes, we are in the busy inside passage heading to Alaska. There are 12 boats already anchored here.
Marty and I take the dinghy into Verney Falls for a closer look.
I check out the old cannery that is by Verney Falls


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