Look what we are having for dinner

The looking for what we are having for dinner:

The video starts off in Nettle Basin in British Columbia Canada. Our first let the first leg takes us Klewnugget Inlet. On the Second leg we head to Kumealon Inlet, then we finally arrive in the most northern British Columbia Seaport of Prince Rupert.

In Klewnugget Inlet we find another sailboat anchored. We try our luck fishing for crabs but find none.

As we move on to Kumealon inlet we do a little fishing. Marty catches a sole, and Rod catches a sea cucumber. We also catch some rockfish for dinner.

In Kumealon Inlet we have a hard time finding an anchorage. We eventually anchor in 80 feet of water and then stern tie 1 ½ boat lengths from shore.

Our garbage is adding up so I go into the beach and burn. In on the beach I find some cables and chains from old logging operations. I hope we don’t get caught in these in the morning.

We make our final push up Grenville Channel to Prince Rupert the most northern BC seaport. There we get water and diesel, and tie to the dock at the Prince Rupert Yacht Club.

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