Episode 3 – In Search of Drinkable Beer

In this adventure we leave Clam Bay heading toward Alaska. We head up the Gulf Islands and through Dodd Narrows. We had to time the tide right at the narrows, in order to get through. Once through we headed out into the Straits of Georgia and raised the sails.

Late in the evening we arrived at Denman Island dock. There we were greated by Ole Larsen, my cousins kid who just so happened to be raised on Denman Island. Enjoyed great family time visiting the Island with our local tour guide.

On day two we headed up through Seymour Narrows and up toward Johnston Straits. By the time we got to the Straits the current was ripping, against us of course and the winds where on the nose. We decided to detour down Mayne Passage and Blind Channel Resort. We toured the upland and found drinkable beer at the restore store. Eventually we moved across the passage to Charles Bay, where we drop anchor for the night with another sailing vessel named Gypsy Woman.

At anchor we enjoyed the last of the sunset while we had our dinner. A perfect ending to another great day in our adventure up the inside passage to Alaska.

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