Day 126 Back to Home Port

Day 126 Back to Home Port

Today we cleaned up the boat some, and then headed for the home port of Tacoma.  Seems like a long time ago we where in Glacier Bay.

Date: 9/14/2018
Departure: Eagle Harbor N GPS 48 16.5974 N 122 33.1949 W
Destination: Tacoma GPS: 47 18.2665 N 1
122 30.6241 W
Hour meter: 1618 (Klemtu)
Todays Distance: 26 miles
Total mile: 3321

I slept in this morning until around 0715. I then opened my computer, read my mail and then started watching a YouTube video.   I eventually rolled out of bed around 0815.   This morning is cleaning day.

Once out of bed pulled the vacuum out of the locker and started vacuum up the aft cabin. I then went up on deck and pulled the dinghy up on the dock. I scrubbed the dinghy with soap and water, and then propped it up to dry. I then went up on the boat and started scrubbing down the boat. While I was scrubbing the down the deck I could hear the vacuum cleaner running down below.   Once both heads had be washed down with bleach cleaners, carpets were vacuumed, breakfast cooked (bacon and eggs) and all the dishes washed we headed out.

We motored down toward Des Moines. We headed that way so we could fill up the diesel tank for the last time. When we got into Des Moines the gas dock already had too boats filling up. We waited until one of the boats left, and then pulled in and filled up.   We took a little more than 10 gallons of diesel to fill up.

We finally pulled out and made the last push toward Tacoma. It is great to be heading home but also a little sad. The trip to Alaska as very fun and rewarding. I wish I could just keep going but all good things must come to an end.

We pulled in to Tacoma Yacht club around 1630 in the afternoon.   Rod and Frank got their stuff together, and I just grabbed the camera bag, as well as my computer bag.   We hoped in the car and headed home.

My adventure took 126 days. We covered over 3300 miles. Now it is time to start planning my next sailing adventure.

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