Another Fuel Lift Pump

Day 33: Another Fuel Lift Pump

It is a great day today. Very little clouds in the sky.

Date: 6/15/2018
Departure: Wrangell GPS: 56 28.1533 N 132 23.2821 W
Destination Wrangell GPS: 56 28.1533 N 132 23.2821 W
Hour meter: 1248(Ketchikan)
Todays Distance: 0 mile
Total mile: 1119 miles

This morning the sky has the most blue sky I’ve seen since coming to Alaska. As the day progressed all the clouds disappeared. The locals are saying this is great. Guess last summer it rained every day.

Heather and I started our morning with hash browns, mushroom, onion, and eggs. They didn’t settle all that well for either one of us.

After breakfast we went up to town and walked around. Heather bought some new sea boots. Plus we went by the grocery store and bought a few more supplies. The grocery store even delivered the food to our boat in the marina, at no extra charge. Now that is a nice touch.

In the afternoon I installed the new fuel lift pump, while Heather did some laundry. The new fuel lift pump seems to work better than the old one. Only time will tell, to see if this new pump can transfer to fuel better than the old pump. I left to old pump still installed, but disconnected. This way if my transfer pump goes out again then I can just re-hook up the old one.

For dinner I made us grilled cheese sandwiches. We also had potato chips and onion dip to go with the grilled cheese sandwich.

After dinner I hoped in the dinghy and ran out of the marina. I wanted to take a picture of the mini-cruise ship that had come into the town this afternoon.

Just after the sun went down we retired for the evening.

Mini-Cruise Ship

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