About Us


Greg Larsen – Has been sailing all his life.  He first went sailing at 1 month old.  His parents had a boat.  From a young age Greg was fascinated with sailing.  At the age of 12 he bought his first boat.  A Geary 18 (Flatty).  He sailed it every day during the summer from his parents beach place on Vashon Island.  Since that time Greg has owned a total of 12 different sailboat.

First Mate:

Heather Larsen – She started boating in her days at college, when she worked at Bellingham Yacht club.  She started sailing when she and Greg bought there first sailboat together.  She has enjoyed sailing in the Northwest and beyond.  Her favorite anchorages are those with no other boats.  Hard to find in the crowded Pacific Northwest, but they are bountiful in the remote areas where Greg and Heather love to cruise.